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Comme Des Garçons, translating to “like boys”, is one of few labels in which stood up the societal norms couture instilled during the 1970’s. Falling under placement of anti-fashion, the Japanese creative, Rei Kawakubo, has amassed an empire of sub-lines under Comme Des Garçons. The label began in 1969 and was established just 4 years later, walking a menswear line in ‘78 and a debut show in ‘81 - Paris. Kawakubo didn’t conform to tight dresses or synched waists, she experimented without remorse and pushed for individuality in a highly restrained industry. Among Yohji Yamamoto and Margiela, she pioneered a new perspective on wearable art, identifying with the punk-rockers and anarchists of Japan and Europe. Today, she stands tall with over 30 lines/collaborations accomplished in her 52 year reign, still upholding her position as owner of the label. Her influence is incomparable, seen in all corners of fashion and art, overarching as an epitomized fashion forefather. 



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