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Established in 1994 by Setsumasa Kobayashi, the General Research has articulated an extreme commitment to function and quality. Driving each design practice with regard to both usefulness and necessity, Kobayashi is a designer who focuses “neither about fashion nor about sports, but more about everyday living.” This is shown by his particular use of textiles and utilitarian method, solely utilizing each with practical incentives in mind. Above all, perhaps the most intriguing part about Setsumasa Kobayashi is his sheer regard to authenticity, displayed within the minutiae of his morals. He tests each garment prior to release at his isolated retreat, enclosed by deep forestry throughout the Japanese Nango Mountains. Kobayashi emits a sense of personal connection through his clothing, a seemingly lost art in contemporary fashion. Crafting garments made to last, while humbly excelling at design, the label is now taking the fashion industry by storm.



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