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1990’s Hai Sporting Gear Suede Globe Panelled Bomber Jacket

1990’s Hai Sporting Gear Suede Globe Panelled Bomber Jacket


Measurements & Condition


Chest - 24 in / 61 cm

Length - 26 in / 66 cm

Shoulders - 23 in / 58.4 cm

Sleeve Length - 22 in / 55.9 cm

Hem - 14 in / 35.6 cm


Condition 8.5/10

  • Displayed is a sleek 1990’s Hai Sporting Gear Suede Globe Bomber Jacket. Spearheaded by Japanese avant-garde monarch—Issey Miyake, Hai Sporting Gear is an Americana inspired sporting label founded in the late 1970’s. A forgotten brand hidden deep within the cracks of the Miyake Design Studio umbrella, Hai Sporting Gear harmonized Miyake’s intricate touch for design and fascination with the Western world. Strategically implementing tonal palettes and varsity-esque graphics, Issey Miyake was pioneering a modern vintage aesthetic. However, since production was halted in the 90’s, the ominous label has been wiped from the archives, with little to no information available whatsoever. This strange endeavour set forth by the infamous Hiroshima designer has left the world guessing, with only garments to cherish and a legacy to sustain.


    Blatantly drawing inspiration from traditional team jacket design, Miyake interweaves his technical ability in a subtle format that truly speaks volumes. A mere glance at the arched panelling or sinuous visual work on both the front and back is a stunning representation of his genius. Looking towards the construction of this jacket, Issey Miyake utilizes a now aged suede base textile and ribbed hems in a deep earth brown colourway. He pairs each with industrial accents and prominent seams, creating a silhouette like none other. He implements protruding globe motifs on both the left chest and back of the jacket as well. In doing so, he adds depth to the bomber in an artistic medium like none other, allowing the graphic to literally pop off the garment. In phenomenal condition this piece is frankly one of a kind, tagged as a true to size medium. Cease this once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase the sleek sleek 1990’s Hai Sporting Gear Suede Globe Bomber Jacket today.

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