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AW02 Undercover “Heaven Hell” .925 Silver Cross Chain

AW02 Undercover “Heaven Hell” .925 Silver Cross Chain


Measurements & Condition


Length - 17.5 inches / 44.45 cm
Pendant Length - 1.2 inches / 3.04 cm
Pendant Width - 0.75 inches / 1.9 cm
Total Weight - 6 grams


Condition 8.5/10

  • For sale is a gorgeous Autumn Winter 2002 Undercover Witches Cell Division “Heaven Hell” .925 Silver Cross Chain. The Undercover Autumn Winter 2002 collection has swiftly gained top tier status among fashion critics alike. Consisting of direct references to religion and anti-christ ideology, the show solidified respect for at the time upcoming label, Undercover. The creative director of Undercover, Jun Takahahi, left no room for apologies with blatantly politically incorrect statements and motifs. He debuted garments with phrases like “Rebelgods”, a direct mutiny of traditional religious practices, and plastered holy crosses as if they lacked meaning. It became clear Takahashi intended to frolic along the thin wall of disrespect and mere challenge of beliefs.


    This chain from the Autumn Winter 2002 collection resonates with the unapologetic mochary of Christainity Jun Takahashi has assumed. Resting atop a .925 silver mechanical link chain, a symbol of faith in the Christian Religion, the cross, is defaced with etching. The engraved lettering reads “Heaven Hell”, intersected by the “e” in either word where the two axis within the cross meet. The font chosen is disproportionate to each letter, emitting a further sense of burlesque in regard to religion. A smaller circular pendant with Undercover branding also sits among the cross, crafted from .925 silver as well. This piece is in great condition overall, especially when taking age into account, with only small blemishes from wear as pictured. Takahshi has always been one to challenge the constructs that uphold society in general, however this collection is special as it is one of the first to display this trait on a global platform. For this reason, many pieces like such are becoming increasingly difficult to find, making the opportunity to obtain extremely rare. Cease this chance to purchase a stunning Autumn Winter 2002 Witches Cell Division “Heaven Hell” .925 Silver Cross Chain today.


    Original packaging included

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