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AW04 Raf Simons “Waves” Paisley Print Poem Bandana

AW04 Raf Simons “Waves” Paisley Print Poem Bandana


Measurements & Condition 


Size - OS


Condition 8/10

  • AW04 Raf Simons “Waves” Paisley Print Poem Bandana


    Raf Simons’ early work is widely celebrated for its demonstration of progression and fierce individuality, both of which encompass the Autumn 05’ collection - Waves. In its entirety, the show spoke in verse to a passage of Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset which reads;


    “Life is, in itself and forever, shipwreck. To be shipwrecked is not to drown. The poor human being, feeling himself sinking into the abyss, moves his arms to keep afloat. This movement of the arms is culture—a swimming stroke.”


    In this, Simons is reiterating that to be shipwrecked - in a sentient regard, doesn’t speak to that of failure. Instead, as a human, one pushes further, swimming to stay afloat as the tide pulls at his feet. In doing so, one retains a stance of acute uniqueness, signifying that through struggle stems beauty, or “culture” as quoted. The swimming stroke, the push in resilience and yearn for success can often feel as if one is drowning, but Gasset encourages one to embrace this feeling, for life is eternally shipwreck so long as one chooses to strive. 


    The garment pictured is lined with Ortega y Gasset’s passage, laced between motifs of Simons and paisley detailing. In great condition throughout with light use. 

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