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AW07 Mihara Yasuhiro ‘Mummy’ Distressed Lilac Jacket

AW07 Mihara Yasuhiro ‘Mummy’ Distressed Lilac Jacket


Measurements & Condition


Chest - 21 in / 53.3 cm

Length - 25.5 in / 64.8 cm

Shoulders - 18.5 in / 47 cm

Sleeve Length - 26.75 in / 67.9 cm

Hem - 19 in / 48.3 cm


Condition 8/10

  • Mihara Yasuhiro is a Japanese designer and menswear label founded in 1994. His first steps began in the realm of footwear, practicing his skillset for 6 years before pivoting to menswear in the year 2000. Yasuhiro stated the shift of focus was somewhat necessary, often finding himself questioning what would be worn with each shoe, boot or sneaker. For his first seasons, he played with tropes of deconstruction and oversizing, but everything changed in 2005, as the artisan deviated to the European circuit. With a concrete resume of praised collections and refined approach—Mihara Yasuhiro unveiled his own take on traditional menswear, and was met with applause. Meshing either genre, he created his own experimental niche in which he still practices today.


    Debuting in the Fall of 2007, coined the “Mummy” collection, Yasuhiro works with the third dimension to emulate ancient preservation techniques. Distressing individual strands of lilac cotton, the jacket is meticulously thrashed, revealing a tan undertone just beneath. The upper base slowly deteriorates into a plethora of loose threads, and is accented by metallic button detailing. Comprised of a wool/cotton blend, this item is a rarity among archivists, fitting a size large in great condition throughout.

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