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AW99 Gucci Tech Cut Out Strapped Puffer Jacket

AW99 Gucci Tech Cut Out Strapped Puffer Jacket


Measurements & Condition 


Chest - 20 in / 50.8 cm

Length - 19 in / 48.3 cm

Shoulders - 15.5 in / 39.4 cm

Sleeve Length - 23 in / 58.4 cm

Hem - 17 in / 43.2 cm


Condition 9/10

  • Founded in 1929 by Guccio Gucci, the Gucci maison has illustrated a symbol of prestige over years of decadence. A precise expertise in luggage quickly blossomed from the hands of the rich to the youth of today, transcending through generations of wealth and an ever-changing catalogue. A resurgence in demand for Gucci’s iconic prints, tailoring and craftsmanship has portrayed a new age for the label in recent years, provoking a shift in creative direction. Today, Gucci stands as one of the largest and oldest luxury brands still in production, furthering the mantra of prosperity each garment exemplifies.


    Straying from the normality of the Gucci maison, this tech jacket reaches at the trends of today, but was crafted nearly two and a half decades prior. From cut out armpits, to the beautifully subtle “Gucci” engravings on either hem strap, the garment screams luxury in the stroke of a whisper. Linear stitching runs throughout, making for an interesting design philosophy considering many puffer jackets opt for horizontal seams, but the hardware stretching outwards explains this choice. Tagged as a size 38, fitting a mens extra-small / small, in pristine condition throughout.

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