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Blackmeans Double Rider Two Tone Zipped Leather Biker Jacket

Blackmeans Double Rider Two Tone Zipped Leather Biker Jacket


Measurements & Condition


Chest - 19 in / 48.3 cm

Length - 24 in / 61 cm

Shoulders - 18.5 in / 47 cm

Sleeve Length - 24 in / 61 cm

Hem - 17.75 in / 45.1 cm


Condition 9/10

  • For sale is the alluring Blackmeans Double Rider Biker Jacket. Debuting in 2008, founded by Yujiro Komatsu, Blackmeans has swiftly become an icon of rebellion and freedom. Frequently paying homage to the 70’s punk rock aesthetic, Komatsu himself is a fierce advocate for self-expression. Exemplified in his work, colours and abstract design techniques are common—setting the radical brand apart from the rest. Blackmeans has perfected the art of leatherwork and craftsmanship, forging each garment by hand in the surrounding streets of Japan.


    Deriving from a quote by Yuijro Komatsu himself, the artist details an old colleague being denied colourful leather work years back, and how distasteful the creative restriction was. He didn’t understand, quoted “Why not do what you really like?”, later using this moment as key inspiration for his own label. Plastering the first ever collection with vibrant hues of radiating colour, the young artist is still pushing forth in the name of individuality today, over a decade later.


    The item shown exemplifies the defiant mantra Blackmeans pridefully carries. Absorbing a stunning blend of ocean blues and greens atop a Japanese leather base, this garment is a technical feat to say the least. Utilizing the double rider silhouette, the jacket emphasizes depth, also incorporating belted hardware and an excess of storage space. With phenomenal paneling and time intensive detailing, this garment lacks nothing, fitting a size medium and is in pristine condition. Cease the opportunity to purchase the stunning Blackmeans Double Rider Biker Jacket at a phenomenal price today.

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