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FW07 Alexander McQueen Hooded Mask Down-Fill Cargo Jacket

FW07 Alexander McQueen Hooded Mask Down-Fill Cargo Jacket


Measurements & Condition 


Chest - 20.5 in / 52.1 cm

Length - 22.5 in / 57.1 cm

Shoulders - 18 in / 45.7 cm

Sleeve Length - 25 in / 63.5 cm

Hem - 16.25 in / 41.3 cm


Condition 9.5/10

  • Alexander McQueen is an artist that successfully distinguished the line between artistry and modern couture. Rooted from humble beginnings, the British designer began his namesake in 1992, experimenting with tailored seams and reworked silhouettes. Slowly allowing himself to push unspoken boundaries further and further, McQueen liberated his creative ability in an electric manner, scaling technical feats without remorse. In doing so, the creative indulged a generation in diversity and rebellion—maintaining theatrics while testing the grips of fashion. He revolutionized the way we as viewers perceive, turning the base form of wearable proclamation into an experience. Using theatre, ingenious technique, and precision as a caveat to design, McQueen has inadvertently altered nearly all forms of artistic expression with ease.


    Debuting in the Autumn 2007 runway show, Alexander McQueen put an intense focus on on pragmatic articles and eccentric design. Blazers were embellished with bondage straps while jump suits walked alongside utilitarian motifs. Synched waists and disproportionate cuts gave an edge of villain-esque aesthetic, in contrast to the commencing, formally cut suits. Face’s were covered and yet a feeling on intimacy came from the beloved dark palette so commonly found in McQueen’s work. Like the down-fill jacket shown, the concealable hood follows through to the front, clasping and creating an anonymous persona when worn. Cargo pockets line the front while an inside-out zipper is found in contrast to the nylon upper. Tagged as a size 44 or small, in great condition throughout.

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