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FW09 Number (N)ine Charles Peterson “Touch Me I’m Sick” Mosh Pit Denim

FW09 Number (N)ine Charles Peterson “Touch Me I’m Sick” Mosh Pit Denim


Measurements & Condition 


Waist - 30 in / 76.2 cm

Inseam - 30 in / 76.2 cm

Leg Opening - 7.25 in / 18.4 cm

Front Rise - 9.5 in / 24.1 cm

Thigh - 10.25 in / 26 cm

Knee - 8.25 in / 21 cm


Condition 9/10

  • Takahiro Miyashita, a high school burnout turned Japanese fashion designer, abruptly halted main label production in 2009. A depleting physical and mental state pushed the young creative to unwillingly resign from his emerging brand. Miyahsita went on to finalize two works—a capsule and full collection, before stepping away. However, unbeknownst to his current audience, the capsule collection would go down as a quintessential staple in the Number (N)ine umbrella.

    Working alongside American photographer Charles Peterson, Takahiro Miyashita assembled a collection like never before. Both infatuated with the allure of punk rock, Peterson documented the grunge scene using abstract methods to portray rebellious youth culture. Largely credited for his iconic stills of mosh-pits, crowd surfing and defiant ideology throughout the 90’s, the photos meshed brilliantly with Number (N)ine’s aesthetic. The creatives worked to captivate this movement in a physical form.

    Implementing a photo taken at Kitsap Court during Endfest ‘91, starring Mark Arm’s; Mudhoney, Peterson’s images of the chaotic moshpit truly encapsulated the emerging grunge scene. As a result, the designer crafted an assortment of wearable extremities as a nod to his roots in punk rock. Each of which feature the renown mosh pit photography, the blazer exhibited has since projected shockwaves through the artistic realm.

    Featuring a full interweaved graphic, metallic accents and washed base, this pair of denim is debatably more scare than it’s debut counterparts. Mosh pit imagery photographed by Peterson himself falls effortlessly atop the washed jean, segmented evenly throughout in a linear fashion. Hits of the crowd seep through, almost in an antique fashion, giving life and personality to the garment. This item is in pristine condition, tagged as a size 3 or 30x30.

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