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FW18 Raf Simons “Drugs” 2C-B GHB Patchwork Denim

FW18 Raf Simons “Drugs” 2C-B GHB Patchwork Denim


Measurements & Condition 


Waist - 35 in / 99.9 cm

Inseam - 32 in / 81.28 cm

Leg Opening - 6.75 in / 17.1 cm

Front Rise - 10.5 in / 26.6 cm

Thigh - 10 in / 25.4 cm

Knee - 8.25 in / 21 cm


Condition 9/10

  • Within the Fall 2018 collection Raf Simons illustrates the brutal yet common despair many drifters face today with a valiant demonstration atop the runway. Using 1:1 references from the quintessential body of work — “DRUGS” by Cookie Miller and Glenn O’Brian, Simons fiercely questions the stigma of narcotic use in defiant culture, and the ladder many climb.


    “DRUGS”, the 1984/1985 play co-written by Cookie Miller and Glen O’Brian toys with the medium of life-altering substances through comedy. Only officially released in a limited 500 copy run back in 2016, Raf Simons molded “Youth in Motion” around the bold minimalism the written play offered. Drawn by alluring graphic design work, a vast majority of Simons’ show in the 2017 collection is rooted back to the 80’s piece.


    Raf Simons being a raver himself during his youth and adolescent years, the collection delineates not only the overarching steps an individual may choose to take, but also the moral compass within one’s self. He disregards the politically correct and allows the viewer to bask in a pool of discomfort when faced with the life that could have been theirs, as a result of drugs. He encapsulates the feeling of alienation from the world through symbolic motifs atop each garment. The items are beautifully constructed with intent and longevity, indicating exactly what Simons desired.


    Citing 2C-B (Ecstasy) and GHB (G) atop either patch, blatantly referencing the dominant yellow and orange “DRUGS” covers, Raf Simons creates complex passion and beauty through simplicity. The designer allows each viewer to quickly judge without further thought, much like the stigma surrounding drugs. He does so atop a thickly woven cotton base, with metallic hardware accenting each. Fitting 35x32 and in mint condition overall. 

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