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Hermès Silk Sleeveless Scribble Collared Top

Hermès Silk Sleeveless Scribble Collared Top


Measurements & Condition 


Chest - 16 in / 40.6 cm

Length - 25.5 in / 64.8 cm

Shoulders - 13.75 in / 34.9 cm

Hem - 17 in / 43.2 cm


Condition 9/10

  • Hermès’ has withheld one of, if not the highest tier of quality and textile affluence since founding in 1837. Established with intent for leather horse riding gear in Paris, the brand’s philosophy of handmade goods has prospered to this day through bags like the ‘Birkin’ or ‘Kelly’ and luxury garments. Specializing in accessories since founding, Hermès takes quality control to a level of extreme prestige - cited to go as far as burning imperfect Birkins ranging from $40-500k. The renowned franchise continues to stay true to their roots, offering pieces only to customers which meet their loyalty criteria to remain exclusive. Hermes maintains a level of opulence to a degree of extreme heights, and for good reason.


    Comprised of an affluent silk textile, this garment is an embodiment of Hermès’ design philosophy. Constructed from the heights of French luxury, scribbled horses race throughout as men ride the animals. A metallic clasp sits at the collar of the tank top to allow for a slimmer profile as well, residing as the only hardware on the item. Fitting a size small-medium, in pristine condition throughout.

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