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Marni Distressed Knit Striped Loose Weave Mohair Sweater

Marni Distressed Knit Striped Loose Weave Mohair Sweater


Measurements & Condition


Chest - 22.25 in / 56.5 cm

Length - 25 in / 63.5 cm

Shoulders - 24.5 in / 62.2 cm

Sleeve Length - 28 in / 71.1 cm

Hem - 21.25 in / 54 cm


Condition 7.5/10

  • Marni Distressed Knit Striped Loose Weave Mohair Sweater


    Marni is a Italian deviant, a label straying so from any form of tradition it’s created an individualistic niche. The brand prioritizes textiles like mohair, fur and even leather, the quality centred as a focal point for every piece or collection. Founded just 27 years ago (1994), the house has steadily expanded to over 300 retailers across the globe. Marni has concentrated it’s focal point towards knits and abstract prints, catering to a rather youthful audience in recent years. Thus growing in popularity, the brand still maintains a rather discreet yet crucial position in the fashion industry. Regardless of the abnormal Italian roots, Marni continues gain notoriety as a result of their commitment to sheer quality.


    Exemplified in the loose, delicates weaves of this sweater, technique and craftsmanship are an essential to Marni’s persona. A style widely popularized by Vivienne Westwood in the 1960’s, this striped sweater is fondly reminiscent of the Seditionaries and grunge movement. Distressing sits along every hem while a contrasting stripe motif moves throughout knit and flying mohair runs down either sleeve. The cropped body in exaggerated alongside the lengthy sleeves, creating a boxy, thrashed look. In good condition aside from heavy distressing throughout, fitting a large.

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