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SS02 Junya Watanabe “Parasite” Graphic Print Poem Trousers

SS02 Junya Watanabe “Parasite” Graphic Print Poem Trousers


Measurements & Condition 


Waist - 31 in / 78.7 cm

Inseam - 26.5 in / 67.3 cm

Leg Opening - 8.5 in / 21.6 cm

Front Rise - 11 in / 27.9 cm

Thigh - 10.5 in / 26.7 cm

Knee - 8.25 in / 21 cm


Condition 8/10

  • Titled “Poem”, Junya Watanabe’s Spring 2002 collection demolished expectations for the Japanese creative. Walking an array of tragic confessions, abstract stanzas and few-word phrases like “watermelon” and “german dog”, the artisan strived to epitomize what love meant to each individual. Enlisting the tailors, pattern makers and underlying team to scribe their emotional viewpoints, each poem is inherently unique and personal to the author. The literature’s heterogeneity is sincere and authentic, reinforced by the subtly broken English in which it was translated to. Despite rather minimal garments, the poems illustrate an “aesthetic” far larger and insightful than many designers are able to convey. Not only are they captivating, they’re relatable and sincere, spoken from people, to people.

    Regarded as a highly illusive iteration, the “Parasite” poem depicts the polarizing demand for decrease in emissions. Using parasites as a metaphor to portray the human race, the author speaks with urgency on the demise of “Mother Earth”. Through a 5 sentence verse, we’re encouraged to reduce our footprint and waste, leaving us with a word of prominence; “We Must Save Mother Earth”. The white stanza is printed in stark contrast against the black cotton base, located on the right thigh. Produced in collaboration with Levi’s, the trousers are not only crafted with a cotton of affluence, but are cut to perfection. Tagged as a size medium or (31x26.75) with an 11 inch inseam, in good condition with some visible wear.

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