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SS04 Maison Margiela Face Pointillism Full Print Tank Top

SS04 Maison Margiela Face Pointillism Full Print Tank Top

  • Martin Margiela has been obsessed with the practice of deconstruction since founding in 1988. Constantly stripping an item of its extremities, the maison distilled core values and refused to abide by definition or structure. Margiela exposed the intricacies of garment, provoking viewers to question the constructs not only around them, but also their own beliefs. By rejecting the traditions of haute couture, he pursued a rebellious persona, acting against the system in every regard. All while remaining anonymous, the Maison pioneered and embodied a stylistic medium that would epitomize the growing niche of anti-fashion.

    Ironically toying with the premise of anonymity, this tank top showcases a split graphic. Using pointillism as his muse, clustered speckles depict both a zoomed portrait and gazing woman. On the front, we’re greeted with lips and an eye, withholding the entire portrait, whereas the underside depicts a gazing woman. Her side profile just barely in view, she appears to glance outside a window, each encapsulated in a blood red hue. Margiela withholds the underlying identity, and instead forces viewers to fixate on distilled attributes - a premise akin to the Maison’s anonymous persona. Fitting a size small, in pristine condition throughout.

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