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SS06 Undercover “T” The ‘SSSSS’ Concert Pass Bracelet

SS06 Undercover “T” The ‘SSSSS’ Concert Pass Bracelet


Measurements & Condition


Size - One Size


Condition 10/10

  • The Spring 2006 collection is indefinitely one of the greatest artistic works by Jun Takahashi. In short, the revolving premise of “T” was to develop tour merch for “progressive-rock German bands" of the 1960’s and 70’s. Immersing each viewer in a carefully constructed punk rock universe, Takahashi created each aspect of otherwise fake ensembles. Going as far as developing names, lyrics and blank records to establish these fictional characters, Jun Takahashi set a precedence for his creative ingenuity.


    Collaborating with Nobhiko Kitamura of Hysteric Glamour, together the designers created five nonexistent rock bands; CHUUUT!, THE SSSSS, KLAUS, THE CROUH, AND THEO BURP. A consistent theme is maintained throughout all five groups, whilst allowing for hits of individuality to shine through in each. Displayed well within the bracelet shown, each piece of memorabilia is produced in the silhouette of a traditional concert pass, keeping with the rock aesthetic. Small motifs and mantras are printed on each plastic band, clasped with an adjustable metal button. In perfect condition throughout.

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