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SS15 Miu Miu 3D Beaded Eyes Dagger Collar Patched Button Up

SS15 Miu Miu 3D Beaded Eyes Dagger Collar Patched Button Up


Measurements & Condition


Chest - 18.5 in / 47 cm

Length - 24 in / 61 cm

Shoulders - 14.75 in / 37.5 cm

Sleeve Length - 23.5 in / 59.7 cm

Hem - 19.25 in / 48.9 cm


Condition 9/10

  • SS15 Miu Miu 3D Beaded Eyes Dagger Collar Button Up Shirt


    Born in 1994 under the ‘Prada Group’, Miu Miu has remained an outlet of distilled femininity for over twenty-seven years. Inspired by and directed by Miuccia Prada herself, Miu Miu encapsulates the boundless opportunities in women’s fashion through the hangers of her own wardrobe. Prada signed off on the ultra chic, provocative and detail oriented persona Miu Miu now carries, redefining the lavish expectations in the feminine realm. Conceived from Miuccia Prada’s family nickname, the label has presented elegance in the form of both intense technical design and naïve garments.


    Hand placing each bead and jewel with the finest of precision, creative director of Miu Miu —Miuccia Prada, enlists the most tentative of craftsman to create this 3D work of art. Protruding from the garment sit eyes, lashes, brows and cosmic motifs in a beaded manner, every stone stitched to ensure stability when worn. The graphic unites to illustrate the raw elements of human eyes, complete with enchanting accents and daring pupils. Abstract patches lie as a subtle undertone in this harmonic beauty, housing each stone on either side of the straight dagger collar. A stiff white cotton canvas pulls out the rose hues found throughout, and provide a stark contrast to each bead. In pristine condition overall, tagged as a size 36.

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