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SS19 Rick Owens “Babel” Deformed Aluminum Rod Cut Out Tank Top

SS19 Rick Owens “Babel” Deformed Aluminum Rod Cut Out Tank Top


Measurements & Condition


Condition 9/10

  • Rick Owens’ Spring 2019 show, titled “Babel” focused on themes of construction and hope. Found in Jewish religion, the Tower of Babel is presented as a foreboding structure, a motif of confusion that explains “society’s many languages”. Owens’ stated that throughout the collection he parallels Babel’s tower with Vladimir Tatlin’s unbuilt structure - “Tatlin’s Tower”, in which portrayed a contrasting hope for the Russian regime (1919-1920). The public viewed Tatlin’s design as a signal of triumph, a depiction of the country’s aspirations and core values. Rick Owens’ pulls from either to embody the clash between both confusion and hope. He looks for a balance between control and confusion, “chaos and collapse” in both his personal and external life. Through wildly avant-grade items he epitomizes this mantra but breaks ideals of haute-couture, pairing tailored suits with 3D garments. On the runway hope sits among confusion but Rick Owens’ encourages those viewing to investigate further, to analyze the feeling of disparity. The product emerges as a modernistic yet thrashed aura, a compelling show backed heavily with depth.

    The garment shown was walked by the likes of Johnny Cash and Tyron Susman atop the runway, starring as the focal piece of the collection. The asymmetry is created with aluminum rods to emulate a geometric figure, sewn into the tank top with precision. Coming in a slate grey colourway, this item portrays the confusion Babel insights. Tagged as a wildly oversized extra-small, this piece is in pristine condition overall.

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