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SS19 Vetements Silver Bullet Ruby Tip Cuban Link Necklace

SS19 Vetements Silver Bullet Ruby Tip Cuban Link Necklace


Measurements & Condition 


Chain Length - 15.5 in. / 39.3 cm

Pendant Length - 2.75 in. / 7 cm

Total Weight - 54 grams


Condition 8/10

  • Staged under a Parisian bridge in the Fall of 2019, Demna Gvasalia brought guests to the displaced home of migrants. The designer strived to illustrate his story, the untold truth of Georgia’s civil war and his perspective as a victim. Speaking to the forced transition from civilian to fighter, he dressed models partly in uniform, while meshing denim with jogger fleece. Putting literal targets and subsequent bullet holes on the underside of t-shirts, he demonstrated the fight for survival in a corrupt war. On the opposing side, he outfitted models in gimp masks and daunting leather exteriors, their silhouettes large and formidable. Having fled as a child, these depictions were bestowed behind youthful eyes, each look resembling that of a nightmare. Through Gvasalia’s ironic takes, we indulged in harsh, uncomfortable topics while enchanted in one’s mastery of design.

    Coinciding with the militant theme found throughout Vetements Spring 2019, this bullet necklace speaks to the unescapable war refugees face daily. The strife motif hangs from the necks of models as they solemnly walk, tipped with a Ruby, which is symbol of wealth. Demna Gvasalia exhibits the corruptive powers backing warfare, placing this accessory atop the victims and innocent. His message reads clearly as a stand against combat — bullets don’t kill, greed does. Cased in a metallic exterior, the pendant is engraved and paired with a weighted cuban link chain. Spanning 18.25 inches in total length and 54 grams in weight, this accessory is in good condition with some apparent use.

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