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SS20 Undercover Cindy Sherman Side Zip Abstract Knitted Sweater

SS20 Undercover Cindy Sherman Side Zip Abstract Knitted Sweater



Measurements & Condition 


Chest - 21 in / 53.3 cm

Length - 28 in / 71.1 cm

Shoulders - 18 in / 45.7 cm

Sleeve Length - 26 in / 66 cm

Hem - 18 in / 45.7 cm


Condition 10/10

  • For sale is the iconic Spring Summer 2020 Undercover Cindy Sherman Knitted Graphic Side Zip Sweater. The Undercover Spring Summer 2020 show titled “I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me”, is by far one of Jun Takahashi’s most complex runway shows he has ever created. This collection was thematically based around photographer and artist Cindy Sherman’s masterpiece Untitled Still Films, which took over three years to complete. Untitled Still Films is a series of seventy black and white self portraits taken by Cindy Sherman from 1977-1980. What makes Sherman’s self portraits unlike any other, is the way in which she chose to depict societal envisionment of women. Over the course of this lengthy project Sherman posed in various stereotypical female roles inspired by 1950's and 1960's Hollywood, Film Noir, B Movies, and European art-house films. They represent clichés or feminine types (the office girl, bombshell, girl on the run, housewife, and so on), that are deeply embedded in the cultural imagination. The character in all of these photographs are always looking away from the camera and outside of the frame. Sherman casts herself in each of these roles, becoming both the artist and subject in the work. This breakthrough body of work received an immense amount of praise, due to the fact that Cindy Sherman was able to perfectly convey through facial expressions and body language that despite a beautiful exterior appearance, these women still struggled internally with emotions. All seventy images were purchased by the Modern Museum of Art in 1995, where they remain to this day.


    Jun Takahashi beautifully embodies and pays homage to Sherman’s work, by utilising images from Untitled Still Films on a handful of the garments from the Spring Summer 2020 runway show. Jun Takahashi remained true to the aesthetic of Cindy Sherman’s work by keeping each piece that features her graphics in a monochromatic shaded black and white palette. To figuratively express the intended emotions of this collection, Jun Takahashi utilized the quote “I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in me.” This quote was derived from the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Again, it is clear to see how Takahashi links this sentence that verbally communicates internal struggle, to Cindy Sherman’s visual portraits that indicate intrapersonal conflict.


    This sweater is truly a work of art. Image #38 from the Untitled Film Stills collection is weaved into the front panel of the garment in a monochromatic colour scheme, with a distorted figure subtly in the distance. This portrait being one of seventy, showcases Cindy Sherman herself in a frantic motion walking through a lake, surrounded by both a secluded and wooded area. The subject is shot wearing an ill fitting dress in blurred scenery, truly encapsulating the distress and attitude this still conveys. She lifts her dress at an attempt to save the garment from the flowing water, whilst maintaining her balance through the river. Sherman strategically places her camera from an external perspective, emphasizing the scenery and somewhat unnerving focal point of the image, herself. She appears lost and vulnerable, both stereotypical embodiments of the feminine stature, which Sherman has intended to portray. On the opposing side of the sweater embroidered lettering reads “Cindy Sherman”, then flipped upside down, “Under Cover” in a cursive font. Moving towards the bottom of the garment, two zippers are found on opposing sides of the knit, adding immense versatility to this sweater. Tagged as a size 3, equating to a size large. This garment is in pristine condition with absolutely no flaws whatsoever. This is truly the chance to obtain a future grail stemming from one of the greatest Takahashi collections to date. Cease this rare opportunity to purchase anSpring Summer 2020 Undercover Cindy Sherman Knitted Graphic Side Zip Sweater today.

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