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SS99 Alexander McQueen Robotic Spray Paint Neon Tank Top

SS99 Alexander McQueen Robotic Spray Paint Neon Tank Top


Measurements & Condition 


Chest - 17 in / 43.2 cm

Length - 23 in / 58.4 cm

Shoulders - 14 in / 35.6 cm

Hem - 19 in / 48.3 cm


Condition 8/10

  • Robots painted sporadically, coating Shalom Harlow in electric hues of neon green and black. It was the Fall of 1998 and Alexander McQueen was presenting the most outrageous and celebrated act of runway theatrics. As the showing came to a close, autonomous car painting robots rose from complacence, jetting pressurized pigment from all axis. Programmed by McQueen himself, the droids moved asymmetrically while ballerina and renown model Shalom Harlow kept her center, spinning atop a revolving plate. Audience members watched, gasping with bubbling angst in the warehouse they sat within. Pinning human vs machine at the forefront of attention, McQueen commanded viewership, contrasting to the rather dull collection prior. The designer strived to portray emotional disparity and life’s ever changing pace, as one may never idle in the world of art.


    Emulating the Autumn 1999 performance, this tank top features intermittent paint detailing in cohesion with the lustful dress. Just atop a white canvas, blotchy patches of fluorescent green and deep black sit, complimented by a sweeping collar and form fitting textile. Finalized by a subtle “McQueen” hem tag, the underside of the garment is left blank, potentially as an ode to future endeavours. Fitting a size medium, in great condition with mere light use.

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