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SS99 Miu Miu Hot Pink Chest Rig Holster Bag

SS99 Miu Miu Hot Pink Chest Rig Holster Bag


Measurements & Condition 


Size - OS


Condition 6/10

  • Born in 1994 by the ‘Prada Group’, Miu Miu has remained an outlet of distilled femininity for over twenty-seven years. Inspired by and directed by Miuccia Prada herself, Miu Miu encapsulates the boundless opportunities in women’s fashion through the hangers of her own wardrobe. Prada signed off on the ultra chic, provocative and detail oriented persona Miu Miu now carries, redefining the lavish expectations in the feminine realm. Conceived from Miuccia Prada’s family nickname, the label has now presented elegance in the form of both intense technical design and naïve garments.


    Debuting in the Autumn 1999 collection, an array of futuristic, utilitarian handbags reworked the typical luggage physique. Chest rigs, enduring textiles and most of all — function were the melody of Miccuia Prada’s soundtrack, imagining a highly technical side to Miu Miu. Remaining the most illusive piece of the ‘99 collection, the Miu Miu chest rig projects a feeling of utility, distant from the traditionally chic label. As a multitude of cargo pockets and bridging clasps wrap around the user’s body, the bag feels rather natural when worn. Typically sewn in the likes of black or olive, the hot pink colour way shown is substantially more scarce, making for a rarity among the collective. In used condition with blemishes throughout as shown, adjustable for ease of sizing.

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