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Pioneering an era of abnormal, unique garments, Raf Simons has composed a variety of earth shattering collections over the last two decades. From the infamous Autumn 2001 "Riot, Riot, Riot" show, to the Autumn 2018 "Youth in Motion" collection, the Belgian designer has reworked modern expectations of not only fashion but symbolism and reference within wearable art. 


Raf Simons began his career at the LUCA Belgian School of Arts, graduating in furniture design while simultaneously interning for famed designer Walter Van Beirendonck. Beirendonck mentored the Belgian creative, engaging Simons' through runway shows like Maison Margiela's Spring 1991 collection.


In present day, Raf Simons is widely regarded as a divine individual. Each garment produced signifies an age of undying rebellion and distilled genius, his aura forever prospering in the age of consumerism.

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