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Saint Laurent Paris is the modern day rendition of what was once Yves Saint Laurent, a French namesake founded in 1961 by Laurent himself and his partner, Pierre Bergé. Years after his succession at Christian Dior’s label, Laurent set his own brand into motion, marrying the parallels between street fashion and luxury. Alongside Bergé, the two created exotic yet poetic garments, working intricacies to blend utility and design.


Hedi Slimane was appointed creative director in 1997, leaving two years later to work under Dior Homme. Tom Ford was then positioned to design the ready-to-wear collection while Laurent pursued the haute-couture label, but unfortunately came to an end as a result of Laurent’s depreciating health. Yves Saint Laurent sadly passed in 2008, Hedi Slimane regaining the helm in 2012. Slimane truly revitalized the fading label in a punk, rock n’ roll identity, establishing the haute-couture label once again while changing the name from ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ to a sleek ‘Saint Laurent Paris’. The designer has infused the leather biker jacket into the brand’s identity and refined the broad grunge aesthetic Saint Laurent now carries.



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