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Jun Takahashi is one of the most influential Japanese designers of the modern era. Born in Kiryu Japan in 1969, Takahashi started off his fashion career at Bunka Fashion College, while pursuing a career as the lead vocalist for the band “Tokyo Sex Pistols”. After earning a degree at Bunka, Jun Takahashi went on to launch Nowhere, a retail location in Harajuku. This was done alongside a friend, fellow college roommate, and creative director of Bape, Nigo. Nowhere quickly became a hotspot for trending Harajuku teens. In the same year, whilst operating Nowhere, he started his own cut and sew company Undercover. Takahashi became fascinated with Americana punk rock culture, shown in many pieces under the label Undercover. His work slowly became popular overtime, with notable collections pushing his name further into the Western scene.



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