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90s A&G Rock ‘n Roll Couture ‘20 Cross’ Patched Denim Work Jacket

90s A&G Rock ‘n Roll Couture ‘20 Cross’ Patched Denim Work Jacket


Measurements & Condition


Chest - 20.5 in / 52.1 cm

Length - 26.75 in / 67.9 cm

Shoulders - 17.75 in / 45.1 cm

Sleeve Length - 24 in / 61 cm

Hem - 19.25 in / 48.9 cm


Condition 9/10

  • While rather unknown, Amal Guessous’ A&G Rock ‘n Roll couture stands as a paramount to the Chrome Hearts label. Established only a year after the infamous biker-centric house in 1989, A&G retains legitimacy as the only brand to win a lawsuit against Chrome. Guessous was successful in defending his namesake label twice, in both the mid 90s for trademark infringement and unfair competition, as well as in 2007 for infringement on non-trademarked emblems. At one point, A&G had physical retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, but have since moved to exclusively digital orders, making second hand pieces incredibly sought after. Offering a thoughtful alternative to the saturated Chrome Hearts reworked Levi’s, Guessous works to create longstanding, handcrafted luxury wear, with retail prices to show for it.


    MSRP on select A&G Rock ‘n Roll pieces can often rival Chrome Hearts’ custom order pricing. As demonstrated in this insane 20 cross patched jacket, orange contrast stitching encircles each religious motif. Layered on top of one another, the signature emblem drapes down either sleeve and across the back, sitting atop a heavyweight denim base. Finalized with etched ‘Le Fleur’ .925 silver hardware, in a gorgeous work jacket cut. Fits a boxy size medium, in pristine condition throughout.

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