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At ArchiveThreads we offer a unique rental program that allows clients to work alongside our vast hand-curated inventory.

With a six-figure wardrobe at your fingertips, rentals are a great alternative to purchasing a high-ticket item for a single event or creative project. From photoshoots to on-location styling, we'll work with you to meet the needs of your budget, location and time frame at a mere fraction of retail cost.



How do rentals work?

Upon inquiring and discussing the rentee's desired items, locations and time frame, a contractual agreement will be sent via Docusign highlighting the agreed-upon terms and conditions. A Credit Card is required as a piece of collateral, ensuring both parties are protected during the exchange

How much are rentals?

Rental rates are circumstantial, we'll work with you to find a rate that works for both you and us. Please inquire to book a rental today. 

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