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Alexander McQueen is an artist that successfully distinguished the line between artistry and modern couture. Rooted from humble beginnings, the British designer began his namesake in 1992, experimenting with tailored seams and reworked silhouettes. Slowly allowing himself to push unspoken boundaries further and further, McQueen liberated his creative ability in an electric manner, scaling technical feats without remorse.


McQueen created with the consumer, pulling the curtain to unveil an incredibly unique creative process, marrying the parallels between romance and melancholy. In doing so, the creative indulged a generation in diversity and rebellion—maintaining theatrics while testing the grips of fashion. He revolutionized the way we as viewers perceive, turning the base form of wearable proclamation into an experience before committing suicide in 2010. Using theater, ingenious technique, and precision as a caveat to design, McQueen has inadvertently altered nearly all forms of artistic expression with ease.



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