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Haider Ackermann is a designer thriving in the modern era. Often overlooked and under appreciated, Ackermann is creating archive garments of the future. Being an Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts expellee, Haider Ackermann is a mutinous with a natural gift for design. Crafting garments that redefine the borders of tailoring and textile pairing, Ackermann is pioneering the new age of fashion with fierce dedication and self-awareness.

Expelled from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1997, Haider Ackermann then took a position underseeing John Galliano. Ackermann analyzed his work for 5 months, then moving forth to various brands such as Bernhard Willhelm and Patrick Van Ommeslaeghe, before working as a designer for Mayerline. Haider Ackermann then left and launched his own brand in 2001, presented at Paris Fashion Week that same year and garnering global attention. He vastly progressed throughout the decade, approached to be a direct successor of Galliano at Dior, shortly after declining the offer of succeeding Martin Margiela in 2009. Additionally, he was praised by Karl Lagerfeld depicting Ackermann as his “ideal successor” at Chanel and some even praising him as the “new Yves Saint Laurent”, a large accolade to say the least. By 2013 Haider had truly began to experiment in the realm of menswear under his own name, releasing his first full masculine collection that year. 



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