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Founded in 2001 by Tatsuo Horikawa, Japan - Julius originated from humble beginnings in film production, only moving to the fashion industry three years later in 2004. However, Tatsuo Horikawa has far deeper roots in garment production, first tracing back to 1994 with a small capsule collection based around sci-fi anime ‘Gemma Taisen’. Then, yearning for more, Horikawa went on to pursue experimental label NUKE in 1996, working with leather goods and proportions while engaging in his artistic side. It’s here where the Japanese designer found his signature elongated and monochromatic style we know today. Essentially rebranding NUKE to Julius in 2001, Horikawa launched Julius_7 (menswear) and MA Julius (unisex), catapulting the namesake into a space of avant-garde minimalism. Presenting his first collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2008, Julius has since garnered ‘mainstream’ success and is often praised for an expertise in black, and uniquely industrial aesthetic.



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